In September 2005, the owners of DC Coast, TenPenh, and Ceiba launched their newest restaurant, Acadiana, capturing the true spirit of southern Louisiana – a serendipitous blend of Old World traditions and New World resources. Chef Jeff Tunks, who worked in New Orleans over a number of years, has a strong affinity for the cuisine of the Gulf region, and his menus at Acadiana reflect the bounty of Louisiana, in the finest of seafood and premium meats. He states, “Acadiana is a contemporary interpretation of a Louisiana Fish House, blending well with our three other restaurants that focus on the finest of coastal delicacies.” The dishes represent various cooking techniques from the colorful ethnic areas spanning southern Louisiana, serving up the rich and complex flavors – the roux, the rémoulades, the bisques, and the étouffées for which the region is known and savored. With its contemporary décor, Acadiana captures the atmosphere of warm breezes that ruffle the Spanish moss hanging densely from ancient live oaks and bend the cattails in the swamps. The only restaurant in the nation’s capital to serve Louisiana cuisine at this level of elegance, Acadiana has been a tremendous popular and critical success from the start.

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