Berger cookie

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The Berger Cookie is for those sweet lovers who would like a tiny bit of cookie with their frosting. According to Charles DeBaufre, the owner of the bakery in charge of all the official Berger cookies, the entire cookie weighs about 1.25 ounces, and the cakey, buttery cookie itself weighs only one quarter of an ounce. The rest of the weight comes from the incredibly rich, thick, chocolate frosting that tops the cookie, an almost fudge like addition that really distinguishes the Berger from every other cookie. Germans George and Henry Berger came to Baltimore in 1835, bringing their family's cookie recipe with them. They started a bakery and their cookie soon became a Baltimore favorite. The name of the cookie has stayed the same although the ownership of the bakery has changed many times over the years. The frosting is still hand piped onto the cookies, making each one unique in its distribution and shape. Transplanted Baltimoreans order the cookies by the box full, and the company now ships worldwide to satisfy their loyal customers' cravings.