Coddies: are a concoction of mashed potatoes, crumbled crackers, and possibly a small amount of salt cod that is deep fried and served between two saltines with a dollop of yellow mustard. The origin of the coddie is muddled, as these things often are, with various ethnic and religious groups claiming their invention. One resident has an original recipe from their grandmother who moved from the Bohemia to Baltimore in the 1800’s, a Roman Catholic Church has been serving them using a parishioner's recipe that has been passed down through the years, an anthropologist thinks that they would have been a certain invention of African American slaves in the South, and a Jewish merchant appears to have been the first to sell coddies commercially in 1910. In any case, the coddie has been an institution in Baltimore for over 100 years. Though they appear to be less readily available, many seafood markets and delis still make their own, and they occasionally pop up in restaurants. Faidely’s in Lexington Market, Pappa’s Seafood, and St. Benedict’s Church all help continue to supply the city with these delicious “poor man’s crabcakes.”