Dooky Chase's is located at 2301 Orleans Avenue and has been in operation since 1941. Known for its traditional Creole cuisine prepared by famous chef Leah Chase. Mrs. Chase worked alongside her in-laws, the former owners, until she eventually became owner and chef. Eventually, the restaurant became a haven for Civil Rights activists, African-American artists whom she supported by hanging their art works, and her loving family. Chase is famous for her gumbo z’herbes, shrimp Clemenceau, fried chicken and for maintaining Creole traditions and cuisine. Many famous people have eaten at Dooky Chase’s over the years; even Ray Charles in his song “Early Morning Blues” sang of a meal he had at Dooky Chase’s. Leah Chase is now 86 years old and continues, along with her grandchildren and children, to run a successful restaurant even after Katrina nearly destroyed it.

Recipes from Dooky Chase'sEdit

Leah Chase's Fried Chicken

Traditional Red Beans