The Horse you Came in On is one of America’s oldest continually running bars. Established in 1775, the saloon has managed to keep serving its patrons even through Prohibition. The bar claims to have been one of the last places that Edgar Allan Poe drank before his death in 1849. Poe has apparently continued to be a part of the bar’s history, with patrons and bartenders alike swearing to feel a ghostly presence and happenings that they attribute to Edgar.

The bar is located in historic Fell’s Point, a neighborhood that has thrived on the waterfront since 1763. London Coffee House, the only pre-revolutionary coffee house in America was opened in Fell’s in the year 1771and was a central spot in revolution planning. The area was soon incorporated into Baltimore City, and it continued to be an important location for the shipping industry as well as a major residential and commercial area. Now, the area has the greatest concentration of bars in the city, an appropriate distinction for the area that holds the oldest bar as well.